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Affiliated to IB & Cambridge Assessment International Education
International Curriculum
Give your child the advantage of an international curriculum with our IB & Cambridge programs that shape young minds to face the challenges of the modern world.
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With our High-Quality educators who provide rigorous and enriching education in a learner-centered approach, learning is not just amazing but fun too.
International Recognition
Open the gateways to International Colleges & Universities as the IB board enjoys a high level of respect and recognition among the world’s top educational institutions.
Global Community

Become a part of a community that values CAS (Creativity, Activity, Services) and helps young children become balanced individuals.

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VGS Philosophy

Vidya Global School Firmly believes on three things. First, human beings are capable and desirous of rational self-discipline and of acting towards others with respect, kindness, concern, open-mindedness, and moral conviction. Second, the activity of learning is an expression of positive energies, fulfills natural impulse, and enriches life. Third, authentic learning flourishes when people work, think, and collaborate within a diverse community. The conviction that the child contains inner strength, talents, and powers, which can be liberated and nurtured, allows a variety of educational techniques and methods and is manifested in the school in different ways. The academic process at Vidya Global School, offers young people a dynamic view of the nature of knowledge and the experiences of learning, and supports their efforts to construct life-affirming meaning. In every area of the curriculum the school encourages substantial student commitment to reading, writing, enquiry, and focused discussion in order to secure the factual knowledge and conceptual structures essential for intellectual competence.

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Vidya Global School, Meerut
Poland | English
Talk with Interns
Vidya Global School, Meerut
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Talk with Interns
Vidya Global School, Meerut
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